Friday, February 22, 2013

Guesss Whaaaaat?

I am in the 230's!  Barely LOL, 239.2 to be exact but I am soooo excited :) Succeeding in losing weight is amazing!  And I have to say the last 12-15 pounds have been effortless.  Imagine if I was really training hard!  Funny enough, its so dang cold I don't want to train outside (laugh it up a certain Loud Redhead ;o) ), and I have been sleeping so good I haven't gotten up to go to the gym, it has been a little inconvenient.  I am gonna try to go to the gym tomorrow though!

In other news, I know that drinking isn't exactly primal/paleo, but lets face it, this girl isn't giving up her occasional (pfssh) glass of wine or cocktail.  So my go to used to be Rum and Diet coke, wine, or beer.  Since I no longer eat (or drink) gluten and diet coke that means wine it is....always....and while I do like a good glass of wine, I find for slow sipping over an evening I don't enjoy it as much.  So here are a couple of options for you...

Tailgating Option:
750 ml bottle of the cheapest Sweet Red Wine you can find (I like the 2.99 bottle of Oak Leaf from Walmart or the Australian Sweet Red with the Kangroo on the bottle). Get yourself a big solo cup, fill it with ice, and pour your wine over it (see why I wanted you to use the cheap stuff), to me who avoids sugars/carbs/processed food, it tastes like koolaid or something.  I just keep adding ice and wine, it gets watered down, but it is really refreshing!

Cocktail Option (this is a good one!)

Make it a tall or short glass, fill with ice and about 1/3 of the way with your favorite rum (I like Flor de Cana because it doesn't give me a headache).
Get some good quality (like Blue Monkey) coconut water, no sugar or preservatives, add until your cup is nearly full.


Then juice a lemon, lime, grapefruit, or orange, or any combination of citrus fruits, and add a couple of tablespoons to your drink.  Delicious!



Here is a little weekend motivation for ya:


Hugs and Love!

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