Friday, June 22, 2012

Marathon huh?

You may be wondering what in the world that huge honkin' marathon icon is over on the right hand side of the page...Well it is a challenge from, to lose a marathon (or 26.2 pounds) by the end of summer!  How fun is that!  There may still be time to register as this is our first week, and I didn't find out about this deal until last night while looking around at some of my favorite blogs!  So join us!  Even comes with a facebook group (private of course so the world doesn't see your business) for support and a newsletter!  This girl really thought of everything!

I know I may have said I wouldn't participate in any challenges until I was closer to my goal, and my real reason for that is I don't want to start an habits I cannot maintain for a lifetime.  No slimfast (does that even exisit?), no weight watchers, no low carb/no carb, and now that I have a grasp on what I should eat, no calorie counting...because I don't want to do those things forever.  I simply make mostly good food choices, while still eating my favorites, and listen to my body and it will tell me when I am full.  All of that to say, I don't feel that this challenge is so drastic that I would have to starve or cut out carbs to lose an a severe amount of weight on a severe time schedule.  So join us if you like!

Yesterday I had trade show...those things can be BRUTAL, but this one I think was quite successful!  I think I came away with some great new leads and customers. I even discovered a new product that my company is going to pick up.  I always like exciting things like that!

Today I pick up my wedding band! So for sure pictures of that tomorrow!  For now I have to keep this short, heading out with the kids in the jogger this morning!  Gotta get in my run before it gets too hot!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday's Workout

Well thanks to not being "tired" last night and staying up until midnight, then my oldest climbing into bed with us and beating the snot out of me and my subsequent moving to the couch at 3:15a, I did not go to the gym this morning...sigh...

I wish I could blame someone for not having a full nights sleep since June 5, but it has been a little bit of the whole family, myself included. Aside from my general grumpiness and irritability when my sleep tank is running on E, I eat more and am motivated to work out less, which just leads me back into a viscous cycle.  ARGH!

However, we did go to playgroup at the park and I got in an awesome upper body workout on the jungle gym equipment!  So I think tonight or this afternoon, I will throw the kids in the stroller for a nice walk/jog (we will see how hot and windy it is) and call it a success!  So much for scheduling and planning!

Along with that tid bit, I think I am going to try meditating in bed tonight to help drift me off to a peaceful nights sleep.

In other news, I decided to have my ring re-designed...I think I mentioned on another post that I was going to do that, and so I finally pulled the trigger...I am not one to spend a lot on jewelry, in fact I wear the same pieces every day, but I did and what is done is done.  Let me tell you, my initial estimate on how much that puppy was going to cost, WAY off but a multiple of 3.  Jeez, I was floored, but I suppose I only will do this once, and the appraiser said my ring would be worth 2 times what I paid for it when I was done.

I pick it up on Friday and I hope it is as beautiful as I imagine it.  I am crazy sentimental about my wedding ring so I miss having it on my finger.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm a chicken....

Well we did NOT do the 5K.  Call me a chicken, but after we got out there my hubby and oldest did the Father/Child race, and it was HOT and sticky, and I was only on Day 3 of strep throat...I just couldn't.  So we went and did all the Father's Day events out there, while I smiled through that icky feeling when your sick and you get sweaty any way, and then we went home.

My 4 year old rocking the climbing wall!

All in all, despite being in recovery phase, it was a fun weekend.  Today is my last day of antibiotics, I think I will focus on yoga today, and hit the gym tomorrow.  Even in doing house work and working on our boat yesterday, I still didn't feel good when I got hot or exerted myself a little too much.


I saw on Katie's post today at some interesting information about the type of clothes to wear when you run.  Her Q&A days are one of my favorites to read (which is technically Sunday, but I subscribe so my posts are in my email at midnight or something...anyway it amounts to I read them early in the morning the following day). Sometimes people ask questions that I didn't know I needed to know the answer to until I read it, and today was one of those days.

I run in capri leggings (they are generic, and NOT moisture wicking) and an old (got it at the Goodwill store) Under Armour shirt, usually just an old cotton t-shirt.  I will say that my biggest obstacle when I run, is being self conscious, because I can feel my "jiggle" if you will.  After reading Katie's explanation, I didn't know how badly I needed some Under Armour!  They have compression capris?  I knew about the Heat Gear and Cold Gear (my hubby has some and wears it for his training) but hello, compression?  I thought that is what mine were doing....but I wouldn't have called them compression.

I went right to their page and found these capris.  I don't know about sizing? I hope that they fit, and my other concern is that they say "base layer" and I was not planning on putting anything on top of them...guess we will have to see.  I don't want people to be able to see through them.  I was in luck, they are on sale AND have a free shipping deal going on, so I bought them anyway.

I looked at some of their tanks and bras, but I think I need to go to a store and try some of that on, because I don't have a good gauge of my new size, 34 lbs down (at my last weigh in 2 week ago) did not change my clothing size as far as you might (or I might) think, but it is enough that if I don't try things on, they are always too big.  I guess my mind still says size 22 when my body is a 16, sometimes an 18 depending on brand.

I can't wait for my capris to arrive!

What is your favorite work out gear?

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