Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Dreaded "S" Word

I went out this morning to complete my 1.75 miles as scheduled, and needless to say, I was not in top form, I was a little tired and dehydrated (not too bad had 4 drinks before bed last night-just in general I know better).

I headed out for my run, it took my Garmin FOREVER to connect to the satellite, so long that I finally just started walking because I was slowly running out of time.

As I headed out of the neighborhood it finally kicked in and I headed out down skunk row, I felt a bit of a pang in my right shin..uh oh.  I took that as a sign to slow down to a brisk walk and made the decision to interval for this run instead of just run.  As I ran my intervals I became more and more hacked off about it as I tried to come up with a solution.

By the last half mile I was just walking begrudgingly, not even at my fastest pace thinking of how easy this is for everybody else. And then uh-oh number 2, lower back pain...what a run.  I finished my distance, though obviously not any pace that was decent nor was I running.

As I rounded the last curve back onto my street I looked up and realized I have to snap out of my funk.  Everyday I find 5 things I can be grateful for and write them down, so I applied this theory to this "run."

I am thankful for:
1- for the beautiful cool weather this morning
2- my husband watching the kids so I could go out and burn calories regardless of my speed
3- the beautiful colors in the sky at sunrise
4- the lack of traffic so I could enjoy the sounds of nature
5- 25 minutes of me time

Now that I am sitting here clear headed, I have decided to repeat my week 1 and week 2 on the Hal Higdon plan in order to ensure that my shin splints don't take me out of training for an entire 6-8 weeks again. So next week I will do 1.5 miles, 3 times.  And the following week I will do 1.5-1.75-1.5. And hopefully move forward from there.  Do you have any suggestions on how you have dealt with shin splints?

Later this morning we have soccer, but before then we get to go see our motor!  In is down at NTX Machine Shop in Carrollton.  I can't wait to check it out!

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Birthday Party

As promised I am going to do a post (well 2 actually) of my daughters birthday ideas and then what the actual party turned out like.  I am really nervous and kind of scared, I have never thrown a kids birthday party before.

We have decided on a painting party, and here is some of my inspiration (of course I have been scouring Pinterest, my intention is not to "take" any ones ideas for my blog but to share them with you.  Unfortunately some of the links back to the "owners" of these photos didn't work.
I would like to line my entry hall with giant birthday candles like these:

Maybe add some balloon bunches in between.

I would like to either do a birthday wreath like this for the front door:

Or like this:

I am going to have a kids table with table cloths etc for the kids to sit and eat cake and open presents and paint their picture frames:

We are going to have cupcakes (from Whole Foods due to the food dye issues) on a painters palette like so with the paint brush pretzels:

The girls are also going to have a photo station and we will send a photo home with them with in their Thank you cards.

And each girl will get to paint their own canvas and bring it home with them:

Moms goody bag will feature a little bracelet that I made and a note to them, some kind of nod towards this:

Kids goody bags will feature the remaining pieces to their picture frame,  some beads and paint brushes in personalized brown paper gift bags.

Does that sound like enough to fill the attention of 8-10, 4 year old for an hour and a half?

Again, any suggestions are certainly welcome.  This is my first rodeo!

Back to our regular scheduled programming! My shins are a little sore, I hope that I am not getting shin splints again :o/ any suggestions for avoiding this problem or preventing it from getting worse?  It doesn't hurt to walk yet, but when my youngest crawled over my legs they were a little sore to the touch.  Tomorrow calls for 1.75 miles, so I think today I will do some sun salutations and a a little time on the bike.  Fingers crossed I am not too sore tomorrow to get out there and complete my mileage.

And finally I must not forget, that it is Motivational Inspirational Friday, so here is your thought for today:

Life is an echo, whatever you give out you get back (Indian Proverb).
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oooooh The Humidity!

It is 80ish and so very humid today in beautiful North Texas. I am literally POURING sweat like I have never POURED sweat before, it is so impressive that I have snapped a picture, and I hate don't really love pictures of myself:

only 1.5 miles?

I ran 1.5 miles (well 1.47 because my last leg was against the wind and did I mention how HOT it was?) The wind and the heat/humidity contributed to a full 30 seconds slower pace than normal...ugh.  On the bright side I am thankful that I have checked that off my list today, and that I have learned I basically have 2 choices from now on:

1- Risk the snakes
2- Take the heat

So it will be a toss up each day :) Saturday I ran faster, talked the whole way, AND was barely sweating on my return.  Gotta love Texas weather!

Something else that I have learned today, is that drinking supplements before I run is not for me.  Notice the nice hue of my skin, I love drinking Monsters (I call them blue Monsters, but you know the sugar-free ones) and I have been replacing my Monsters with Advocare Spark, because somewhere in my head they are better for you than the Monsters (and NO I don't sell Advocare, I pay retail for it just like many of you).  The rep that sold me the Advocare told me they were a great pre-run drink...I don't think they are for me, they kind of make my skin feel like its on fire when I run, it doesn't happen so much when I am just drinking it for energy, but this is the 2nd time I have noticed it while running.  Do you use anything pre run?

Last today I want to ask about your running preferences, I am always up for learning new things and trying new things to make my runs easier/more enjoyable/more interesting, so bring on the suggestions on how to keep your mind off of your distance and degree of tiredness.

I run with my Garmin of course, and my phone, sometimes I run listening to rap, other times I run unplugged.  What are your preferences?

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

Woo Hoo! Down another 1 lb!  I wish that it was a couple more than that, but I have been busy and a little lax on my eating lately so I am thankful for what I have got. I would like to step it up, because my DH and I are heading to Vegas for our FIRST ever kid free vacation for 3 nights. (And when I say FIRST I really mean it, we have never spent the night anywhere with out our kids!)  I really want to be 10 pounds or so lighter by the time I leave, it would be great to break 240, but that may be pushing it.

On my list today is 1.75 miles that I didn't get to complete yesterday.  I will likely have to interval jog it though because I will have the kids and that stroller is tough to push some days.  But it will be done...TODAY.

I sure love staying busy! And it has certainly been couple of days.  In that respect, I did have time to read a bunch of blogs, I guess because I do that in bed before I get up in the morning...but I haven't had time to really sit down and write a good post.  So today, I am going to share some of my favorite posts from the past few days:
Diane @ Fit to the Finish had an eye opening post today about her body image even after losing 150 lbs.

Katie over at Runs for Cookies wrote about the routine of Marathon Training. She also shares a yummy carby snack for pre-long runs. (Also good luck to Katie on her 20 miler coming up, that one was the most intimidating for my DH as well.)

One of my new favorites, Eating From the Ground Up, has a great tip today on peeling an egg!

Food Renegade, I was a couple days behind on, but she had a great recipe for Apple Bacon Swiss Grilled Cheese.

Loosing 100 lbs and ....talks about her plateau and what she is going to do to fix it.

Run This Weigh discusses her morning run and her new gear.

That should give you a nice variety of reading materials this morning!  Can't wait to let you know how my run went!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Solo-runner/shmo-low runner & Deep Sigh of Relief

This weekend, as I may have mentioned we had company coming, old friends from our home town in East Texas.  They have a little boy the same age as our oldest.  We have been friends for many many years and I think we probably always will be.

One of the many things that we share in common is our love of running.  In my other posts I have referred to them as the "running couple" or our "running friends."  Originally they were headed this way to do the Warrior Dash with us, but as you might have read previously, I elected not to do it this year, because I was so discouraged by it last year. (And then my DH sealed the deal when he ran his marathon last week and got his 26.2 ink new tattoos in muddy pond water if you want to keep your leg!)  ANYWAY...

The boys got up Saturday morning and went on a little jog, then we ladies went and did the same when they were done and then Cindy and I prepared to go next.  I must say, I fretted ALL night Friday night over running with Cindy.  I was worried I would be embarrassed, or she would be annoyed with my speed, or that I wouldn't be able to catch up, or talk, or make it the whole way and she would think I was a wimp.  I had really worked myself up in to a tizzy over it.
We headed out on a nice 1.5 miles (hey...I am following a Hal's program and that's what the assignment was) at 6:45am, and guess what, IT WAS SO FUN!  I can't believe I have been solo-running all this time!  I was afraid to try the running groups/social runs at the running stores...just like with sushi, raw oysters, and rare steaks....I have been missing OUT!  We chatted the entire time, it made me not think about the distance or the time (and my time ended up being pretty on point) no fumbling with my phone for music.  I truly encourage you, even if you think you are terrible and slow, find a friend to jog with you every now and again, it is totally worth it.
Have you ever worked out with a friend/partner?  Do you like it better or not so much?
Workout schedule today:  work on DH's classic car (rebuilding the front end), stationary bike for 20 or so minutes, and 5 sun salutations. :)

Now for the other portion of that sigh of relief... I have mentioned a few times that both of my kids have food allergies/intolerances.  My oldest (almost 4) is highly allergic to food dye, my youngest is intolerant/allergic to lactose/soy.  You have also probably read about the fact that my oldest is super easy going, peace,  love, and light type of kiddo and my youngest is grumpy and angry, and a big time screamer, and she doesn't sleep through the night most nights.

Well you can imagine what havoc that might wreck on me and the entire family that isn't sleeping.  It has been an ongoing battle, and I have been just "mean-momma-ing" her and trying to use the leave her in her crib technique, go in-soothe her etc and try and get her back to sleep. This means for MOST days (as in 4-5 a week) my youngest is up off and on from bedtime (~7:45pm) to 3 am. No wonder she is a grouch.

Over the weekend, there were guests staying in the bedroom next to her, sooo at 3:15a when I felt like little DD's screams were likely waking them up for the up-teenth time, I brought her downstairs and put her in my bed (something I did with the oldest frequently) for the first time ever, to sleep the remainder of the night with me.

From about 3a to 7:45a, I lay awake in my bed with DH snoozing next to me and I could feel and see what discomfort this poor little 18 month old is in a night.  She was in constant pain, waking and falling back to sleep from exhaustion only, not from comfort.  What an AH-Ha, moment and a moment of what a terrible mom, I had honestly put it off and talked myself into the fact that some kids are just easier than others.
I took her in to see her pediatrician this morning, head hung low and explained everything that was going on.  As an RN I felt a little odd talking with a doctor and answering the question of "how long has it hurt?" with, "her whole life."  Luckily, our pediatrician is AWESOME, she didn't make me feel terrible or dumb by not having concrete objective symptoms for her.  We talked for about 45 minutes.  The doctor feels like it is 2 possibilities: 

1-Silent Acid Reflux
2-Celiac Disease

Good news, neither is life threatening, there is a plan in place to figure out what it is and treat the issue, and both or treatable.
Bad news is we are on meds (which I try to avoid) and it will be 4-8 weeks before we notice a change or know we are on the wrong path.

At this point, I am just thankful that we have a plan.

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