Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

Woo Hoo! Down another 1 lb!  I wish that it was a couple more than that, but I have been busy and a little lax on my eating lately so I am thankful for what I have got. I would like to step it up, because my DH and I are heading to Vegas for our FIRST ever kid free vacation for 3 nights. (And when I say FIRST I really mean it, we have never spent the night anywhere with out our kids!)  I really want to be 10 pounds or so lighter by the time I leave, it would be great to break 240, but that may be pushing it.

On my list today is 1.75 miles that I didn't get to complete yesterday.  I will likely have to interval jog it though because I will have the kids and that stroller is tough to push some days.  But it will be done...TODAY.

I sure love staying busy! And it has certainly been couple of days.  In that respect, I did have time to read a bunch of blogs, I guess because I do that in bed before I get up in the morning...but I haven't had time to really sit down and write a good post.  So today, I am going to share some of my favorite posts from the past few days:
Diane @ Fit to the Finish had an eye opening post today about her body image even after losing 150 lbs.

Katie over at Runs for Cookies wrote about the routine of Marathon Training. She also shares a yummy carby snack for pre-long runs. (Also good luck to Katie on her 20 miler coming up, that one was the most intimidating for my DH as well.)

One of my new favorites, Eating From the Ground Up, has a great tip today on peeling an egg!

Food Renegade, I was a couple days behind on, but she had a great recipe for Apple Bacon Swiss Grilled Cheese.

Loosing 100 lbs and ....talks about her plateau and what she is going to do to fix it.

Run This Weigh discusses her morning run and her new gear.

That should give you a nice variety of reading materials this morning!  Can't wait to let you know how my run went!

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