Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Healthy N' Fit Egg White Protein/Weigh In Wednesday

The stats are in....down a half pound this week.  I am so thankful for that half pound, but that is as slow as I want to get, so it is time to step it up and get going in the right direction more quickly again. Goal for next week 3-4 lb drop :).

Today I will share some information on on of my new favorite products...Healthy N' Fit Egg White Protein.

Some people use protein shakes as meal replacements, I use mine as desserts or snacks when I am sick of fruit and other lean protein.  Sometimes when I am saving calories for something delish I may replace a meal with it.  Anyway you cut it, this protein powder is great to have on hand.

I got it for a couple reasons, first I have been long  time looking for something sans sugar OR artificial sweeteners. This fits the bill.  Second I always steer to the foods (when I have to buy packaged) that have the shortest ingredient list and have the most recognizable ingredients.  Check and Check for Healthy N' Fit Egg White Protein.  Next I want something that will generally take on the flavor of whatever I mix in it...and this stuff wins again.

I purchased the Ice Cream flavor.  I got it from Amazon, and I found a few tricks for it on (<-- I swear I am not stalking her!  I just follow her tips and so far most of them have worked out for me, so I then share them with you!)

Generally I have only a couple of variations on what I put in my shake....

3/4 scoop Ice Cream flavored Egg White Protein
1 cup Almond milk (<--only 40 calories)
1/2-1 banana
handful of ice cubes

Sometimes I might add a tablespoon of unsweetened coco or handful of whatever berries I have floating around.  If I have really worked out hard, like gone running and done yoga...I may throw a spoonful of peanut butter in. But I try not to do that, for me I could have 2 beers for the calories count in PB isn't all that much bang for the calories.

So there you have it, since I read her blog daily, I will say that I think Katie over at has an amazon seller account of some sort, so head over to her site and order yourself some of this Healthy N' Fit Egg White Protein Powder in the Ice Cream Flavor.


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